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Press conference Renault


Space management. General coordination.
Experience design. Production.
Client: Publicis – Renault
Year: 2022

The experience:

In 1995, Renault revolutionized the world of advertising in Spain by introducing the new Renault Clio, based on its target audience: young people struggling to stand out in a society that is less educated and otherwise marginalizes them because of their young age. Thus was born JASP: Jóvenes Aunque Sobradamente Preparados (young but definitely prepared).

+ A revolutionary concept that marked a before and after in communication and created a term to identify an entire generation. More than 20 years later, Publicís has taken up this term to present the new Renault Megane E-Tech, a vehicle destined to mark a new era within the brand and focused on all those who were JASP in the 1990s and who now continue to be trendsetters, but with new needs.

+ To present this philosophy, we relied on the duality of the 1990s – 2022 We created a press conference symmetrically “divided” by the entrance: one side transported you to 1995 (old-fashioned hostesses, technology, decoration, vintage devices…), while the other half represented the present (modern hostesses, latest technology, gadgets…). A division that reached the stage, on which the legendary Renault Clio Williams was flanked by the Megane E-Tech, one next to the other.

+Content was also an important part of the event: a press conference led by the great Jota Abril, who, first, took us on a journey between the 90s and the present day, accompanied by comedian Eduardo Aldán, and then brought together the legendary 90s band Modestia Aparte with one of the most important voices of the OT generation, Nerea. All with Eduardo Noriega, image of the new campaign and ambassador of this gala.