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EAE Alumni

Homecoming 2021

Space management. Creative concept. Stage design and production.
AV production. Experience design.
Client: EAE
Year: 2021

The experience:

This year Licüid Lab was tasked with organizing the EAE Business School’s alumni homecoming 2021, an event that marks a milestone in the School’s recent history, being the first post-pandemic face-to-face event. The chosen location was the Petit Palau in Barcelona, a unique space in the city that facilitated the success of the meeting due to its prime location.

+ The meeting exceeded all expectations and almost reached 100% of the space’s capacity, demonstrating the involvement of the Alumni in these networking days and the desire to regain normalcy after this phase.

We had outstanding speakers as part of the already well-known EAE Talks, small talks offered by business leaders and a special guest speaker: Andreas Weigend, author of “Data for the people” and one of the founders of amazon.com.

+ After the event, which was also streamed for international students, we were able to share interesting networking on the Palau terrace, a perfect conclusion to a day that, once again, demonstrated the involvement of the school’s students and the school’s ability to attract them to an event that, after several editions, has become a “must” for EAE.

+ And this year more than 900 guests joined us for this event at the Palau de la Música in Barcelona.