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Mercedes Benz 2019


Event global design and production. Venue management.
Stage design and production. AV production. Event management.
Client: Mercedes Benz
Year: 2019

The experience:

We were presented a new challenge by Publicis Emil: reinventing Mercedes Benz Spain dealership network event where the brand was to share the latest strategy planning projects with its dealers.

+ And so, with the support of Emil’s strategy team in Stuttgart and Madrid, this internal event was reimagined and turned into a late night show hosted by the talented Jota Abril. The directors of the auto, van, trucks and financial divisions were to address current affairs of the industry and share the brand’s position as regards electric and autonomous vehicles, future cities, the autonomous vehicle and point-of-sale adjustments in the wake of these new developments.

+ And in 2019 a panel of experts from large companies such as Iberdrola, disruptive firms such as Nuuk or agencies like Propelland, focused on advising firms in their transformation processes, were charged with organizing debates about the different aspects that were discussed with executives from the firm’s different business divisions.