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Rome Business School

Graduation Ceremony 2022

Event global design and production. Venue management.
Stage design and production. AV production. Event management.
Client: RBS
Year: 2022

The experience:

As part of an international growth strategy, Licüid has begun regular operations in Italy. Our first opportunity to do so was with RBS at the hybrid graduation ceremony for students in the 20s and 21s.

This year, without the constraints due to the pandemic, RBS chose to gather its students in the most unique event space in Rome: the Santa Cecilia auditorium of the Parco della Musica, an auditorium designed by Renzo Piano, which became the ideal setting for this return to live events.

+ With a sold-out crowd, the auditorium suited an exciting ceremony that stood out not only for the warmth of the speeches, but also for the exceptional nature of some of the ceremony’s most special moments (special prizes, awards…) and for its closing, which was entrusted to the Dean, who delighted the audience with a superb rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine” on piano and with live vocals.

+ A success in terms of attendance and follow-up that demonstrated the power of safe live events and the enormous possibilities of digital amplification of this kind of ceremony supported by streaming and social media.