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Town Hall Meeting


Event global design and production. Venue management.
Stage design and production. AV production. Event management.
Client: Mercedes Benz
Year: 2020

The experience:

With the infrastructure already in place for the Mercedes Dealership Event, the space was redefined in a few hours to host top Mercedes Benz executives annual event with the firm’s management. A year marked by the occurrence of redundancy procedures, teleworking, a global pandemic, digitalization, etc. which has pushed the brand and its workforce to revisit their collaboration model.

+ So, more than ever, such an event was necessary, albeit virtually, to showcase future perspectives and guidelines for 2021, where most of the adjustments implemented in 2020 with remain in force.

+ Obviously, it was also the perfect timing to pay tribute to the Mercedes Benz personnel during these times of hardship and share some time, as we bid farewell to this year that has been so difficult for all of us.